Official welcome to the participants of the XVIII International Folklore Festival


The Mayor of the city of Ingenio, Juan Jose Gil,the director of the International Festival of Folklore Villa Ingenio, David Castellano, and councilors Rayco Padilla, Juan Carlos Cabrera, Soraya Perera and Carmelo  Monzon, were meeting in the City Council of Ingenio with directors and group representatives from Armenia, Brazil and India.


Juan Jose Gil officially welcomed to the cultural embassies, saying: "Ingenio opens his hands and doors to world culture." Gil wanted to thank the participants for being present and for teaching the culture of their respective countries. In this regard, said that the first folk event today will receive the informal visit of the President of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, who "has shown interest to live as a citizen this Festival" reported.

For his part, David Castellano, said that "it is no coincidence that the town of Ingenio, a people without millionaires resources  hosts this Festival, previously citing Menendez Vidal words" all self-respecting people who owns a strong identity and different personality should transmit it to other people. "

Then spoke the responsible for Brazil who gave thanks to the organization for the invitation and invited to participate in two major events that will celebrate Brazil in the coming years, such as the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.

Meanwhile, the representation of Armenia thanked for the welcome and the reception, while said that in their presentations of these days will show "the oldest dances of the European tradition, the Armenian".

Finally, the group's director said India Rangpuhar feel lucky to be in the Canary Islands, especially with such a special people as the canarians. "This Festival is an amazing experience because we have also enjoyed the cultural tours, and the food tasting," he added.