Clothing - Coros y Danzas of Ingenio


Lady and Gentlemen’s suits or Party suits.
(Gran Canaria representative)

Her: Linen Blouse, batiste or white thread with laces; folded round collar, the sleeves go down to the elbows, ending in fullness of laces. Red velvet jerkin, cloth or silk, fastened at the waist with a cord. Bright colors linen skirt reaches the ankles. Under this, the red petticoat and the white underskirt. White silk stockings. black calfskin shoes with low heels. Sometimes with a Canary shawl, of anacoste or thin cloth, as well as black felt hat. Hair is tied back in a bun or with a long braid.

Him: White linen shirt, trousers of cloth or velvet, short to the knees and side openings, and always black, like the vest, with buttons without borders. Black leggings of the same fabric as the vest, buttoned at the sides. Red or blue sash. Black calfskin shoes. Long slip under the knees, made of thread or white linen without embroidery.




vestimenta 34

Villagers’ costumes

Her: Sleeveless linen or white thread blouse without embroidery. Fitting bodice, with elbow length sleeves and pearl buttons, in different light colors that combined with the skirts, hiding the waist. Wide linen, anacoste, batiste or thin cloth skirt to the ankles, usually brown. Cloth or flannel petticoat, always red. White single underskirt or with a small lace at the end. White silk stockings. Light brown goat skin boots. It is accompanied by clothing matching the bodice and the felt or palm hat.

Him: Jaque knitted with vertical blacklist Canary wool. Canary wool leggings. Linen slips over the knees. The same shirt as the Gentleman’s suit. Brown goat skin boots and a felt or clothing hat. Black sash. It is usually accompanied by the typical Canary knife.





Vestimenta Tradicional. Coros y Danzas de Ingenio