Cofounders Coros y Danzas of Ingenio

Coros y Danzas de Ingenio is formed by a group of enthusiasts of ethnography and folklore who wish to preserve and spread the Canary cultural heritage. Our fraternal gratitude to all people who at some point in their lives have been part of the long history of this group.

We have to make a special mention to those who in 1949, combining enthusiasm, tenacity and work; founded this institution: Aurorita Cruz Vega, Mariquita Luisa Artiles Ramírez and Manolito Sánchez Hernández.

It is a source of pride for the family of Coros y Danzas that Aurorita, Mariquita Luisa and Manolito Sánchez, among many other awards, have been awarded as beloved sons of our Villa de Ingenio and we are filled with satisfaction knowing that these people have enjoyed an exemplary life and full of great sacrifices but nevertheless, they have known and wanted to do it this way for the sake of others. They have been, are and will be part of our lives and an example for past, present and future generations.

To achieve this goal, there have been no shortcuts. Since the beginning of times, it is known that determination, clear principles, greatness of spirit, consistency, balance and hope, effort and selfless work are, despite messes of the fate; the only way to go where you want to get. Turning their lives into force and sacrifice always in favor of Coros y Danzas de Ingenio , its village and its people. Our people.